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EIM Smart Doc ID

Smart Doc ID

for MS Office Applications

The Smart Doc ID from EIM places a document ID footer automatically into your MS Word and MS Excel documents. The customizable document ID will appear with your design at the bottom of the page on your MS Word document or MS Excel spreadsheet when using iManage Work 10.


You can control whether the Smart Doc ID footer appears or not. On an individual document you can insert or remove the footer.  Smart Doc ID footer settings contain various data and formatting elements. These can be established for standardization or allow end-users the ability to modify the settings. 

Any document profile field can become part of your footer. Administrators can control which options are available. Common footer components are:

Document ID     Version ID          Document Name             Client-Matter                Author

Smart Doc ID is aware of prior footer information. It will not automatically remove a prior footer although existing document footers can be removed manually. Unlike other standardized footers, you are in control: you can remove, replace, or edit a prior document footer.

The Smart Doc ID Footer is automatic – it updates itself.  (Users can override the auto-insertion, if given permission.) When you copy an existing document to create a new one (or a new version), the Smart Doc ID footer will update itself with the correct document information.  

Smart Doc ID is compatible with recent versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel for NetDocument or iManage Work 10.