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Strategic Technology Planning

It is often advantageous to seek advice from experts outside of an organization who can objectively analyze current processes, propose potential improvements, assess human and financial resource allocation and recommend solutions for today and the future.

Our decades of experience have taught us how to do that well. At EIM International, we are comfortable having discussions at all levels of an organization to architect content management plans that are custom-designed to fit that organization’s needs.

 It is no longer sufficient for organizations to provide saving/editing/versioning functions. Nowadays users are technology savvy. As such, they expect systems to:

  • provide access to documents via various end user platforms;
  • share content with others (both inside and outside of the organization);
  • secure content; and
  • be highly available and redundant

EIM provides consulting services on how to meet an organization’s goals for all of the above, and more. We work with you to prioritize requirements, based upon input from various representatives and with varying points of view. We facilitate discussions and where appropriate, organize presentations with vendors. We ensure that the analysis is targeted to your specific requirements. We then help you review the information and scorecard your priorities. All of this leads to a roadmap for successful implementation of a document management system.