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EIM Automates Law Firm's Electronic Records Retention Policy

Christian & Barton, LLP is a full-service corporate law firm with offices in Richmond, Virginia. Their clients range from Fortune 500 to closely-held businesses, including governmental entities and non-profit organizations. A component of Christian & Barton’s Records Management retention policy is the deletion of select documents that are ten years and older. In order to replicate the deletion process, which had currently been applied to paper files only, the Firm turned to EIM International to help assist in applying these same parameters to their electronic content.

The Solution

EIM implemented their own utility, Automated Document Delete, to assist Christian & Barton with the deletion of their legacy documents. The utility generates a report listing all documents that are eligible to delete based on flexible parameters specified in the configuration. Christian & Barton chose a report that lists all documents ten years and older in order by attorney. This list is then distributed for review to the responsible attorney to identify any exceptions. The utility will then update the excluded documents with a status of Waived. All other documents can then be safely deleted by an administrator. The deletion history is retained, and available via a built-in report.

The Benefits

Automated Documents Delete gives Christian & Barton the ability to easily enforce records management policies that pre-dated electronic document management. This streamlined process mitigates risk and simplifies administration of a previously arduous effort.

“Developing a customized solution to fit our clients’ needs is extremely gratifying. When they first come to us, I often hear ‘I don’t know if EIM does this, but…’ and then we listen, we plan, and we use our skills to meet their needs. It’s this type of scenario that sets us apart.”

Debra Parrish, Executive Director, EIM International